Yar Thet Pan Trading Co.,Ltd.

We establish Yar Thet Pan Company at the first of October in 2007. Our company register number is ( 593/2007-2008 ). Our owner is Myanmar ( Burma ) nation.

Main category service are :

  • 1. Import various iron products associated with construction , marine work and industrialization from foreign countries
  • 2. After buying and establishing machinery in our company's ownership factories,
    we take brought iron products from foreign and packaging and selling with those machinery.
  • 3. Construct street , bridge , buildings, and marine ship associated with Ironwork.
  • 4. Import and construct iron products with tinder system for government works.

What We Do


Angle Iron, U-Beam, Lip-Channel
H-Beam, Hollow Pipes, M-S Plates,
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3-ton grantry crane,
5-ton overhead crane,
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High speed craft,
Ton 2000 cargo barge
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14' x 100' steel structure bridge,
factory constructure team
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